Technical Talent

Challenging the hard skills and Intangibles alike

Resumes of candidates possessing the hard skills required don’t make it to our client’s desk without being challenged. We carefully screen each candidate to make sure they possess enough of the needed skills that would warrant further investigation.

Hard skills are not the only success factors that make a candidate the perfect fit. We carefully vet each candidate to ensure they also possess the intangibles that would cause them to thrive in a particular environment for each client.

The S2 Methodology

Life Sciences

Precision Recruiting

We are highly specialized. At S2 we work within the FDA regulated life sciences industry. This specialization creates a concentrated network of talent relevant to our client’s needs.

We are heavily networked and tightly connected to the life science community. Our longstanding established relationships with life science professionals allow us to reach relevant talent quickly and efficiently.

Our focus gives us many years of experience in various life science technologies and our understanding of the industry is rarely matched by other search firms. We have recruited in every aspect of the life sciences and we know what it takes to acquire the talent our clients need. Every search we conduct is focused, targeted and precise!

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“I am proud to say that our team is made up of exceptional talent and S Squared has played a strong role in that accomplishment. We look forward to working with S Squared Executive Search more as our company continues to grow.”

CSO, Biotech Startup

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